10 Awesome Portfolio Websites from Airbnb Designers

By bestfolios.com — collecting the best designer portfolio websites, resumes and design resources.

Jesse Chase is a product designer in San Francisco, currently Sr. Experience Designer at Airbnb.


Meredith Schomburg is a designer + illustrator at Airbnb, based in San Francisco.


Danny Spitzer-Cohn is a product designer living in San Francisco who specializes in UX thinking through an ethological lens. He was an Experience Designer at Airbnb.


Lucas is an experience design manager at Airbnb.


Craig Dehner helps companies enhance their mobile experience through smart UI design and motion. Between working on the Human Interface team at Apple, to cutting edge startups like airbnb and Lyft, the interfaces he’s worked on have reached millions.


Netta Marshall is a San Francisco based experience designer, currently on the design team at Airbnb.


Bay area designer passionate about problem solving, exploring, and building consumer-facing products.


Betty Shen is an Experience Designer at Airbnb.


Jeany Ngo is an Experience Designer at Airbnb, previously at LinkedIn.


Keith Ahn is an Experience Designer at Airbnb and a former product designer at Venmo.


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