10 Amazing Portfolio Websites from Facebook Product Designers

By Bestfolios.com

1. Jeff Hilnbrand

Product Designer at Facebook. Previously at Minimill, Autodesk, Venmo, Startup Shell, Bitcamp.


2. Zach Stubenvoll

Zach Stubenvoll is an Art Director & Designer currently at Facebook.


3. Charlie Deets

Charlie is a product designer at Facebook/Whatsapp.


4. Alice Chuang

Alice Chuang is currently working on Facebook Messenger as the designer on the Thread Growth team, focusing on user engagement and retention.


5. Hailey Cook

Hailey Cook is a product designer at Facebook. Former design intern at Apple.


6. Luke Warda

Luke Warda is a product designer at Facebook. Previous he worked as product design lead at Burberry.


7. Kyle Meyer

Kyle Meyer is a San Francisco based product designer. Until recently he worked at Facebook as part of Creative Labs.


8. Samuel Hoang

Samuel is a product designer at Facebook, crafting the future of user experiences for consumer devices and services.


9. Todd Hamilton

Todd Hamilton works at Facebook on the platform design team.


10. Jean-Mark Denis

Jean-Mark Denis is a multidisciplinary designer, currently working as product design manager for Facebook Messenger. Prior he used to work for Google Daydream, Inbox and Gmail.


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