10 Fantastic Portfolio Websites from Artists and Art Directors

By bestfolios.com — collecting the best designer portfolios, resumes and design resources.

Mark Wheeler is an Art Director at Microsoft.


Kimi Lewis is a Los Angeles-bred, award-winning illustrator, graphic designer, and art director.


Lotta Nieminen is an illustrator, graphic designer and art director from Helsinki, Finland.


Shantell Martin is an award-winning New York city based Artist.


Matt Pamer is an art-director, designer, and illustrator living in Brooklyn.


David Lanham is an award-winning artist and illustrator.


Sergey Shapiro is an independent graphic designer and lettering/calligraphy artist applying writing skills in a variety of graphic design fields. These include logo design, identity, package design design and many more. Sergey is based in Moscow, Russia and works with different companies, design agencies, designers and clients around the world.


Chris Sandlin is a lead graphic designer by day, and a freelance illustrator by night under the moniker of SockMonkee. He currently lives in Woodstock, Georgia with his amazing wife, Abby. Aside from his freelance work, Chris owns and runs the SockMonkee Collection that is solely a collection of artwork and apparel available for purchase.


Cami — a freelance illustrator. Over the past eight years Cami has been working on projects for the soul and for some amazing clients such as DK Publishing, Telegraph, Siemens, Vodafone, Computer Arts, Sims Snowboards, Cbeebies, etc.


Founder of the Signalnoise Studio • Designer • Illustrator • Creative Director Signalnoise Studio.


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