5 great design portfolios from students who are hired by Google and Facebook

Landing on Google or Facebook right after graduation might be dreams for many design students. How to present your projects at school in your portfolio to meet the bar of Google and Facebook? Here are five great examples.

1. Min Zhou

Min Zhou is a HCI graduate from Carnegie Mellon University and joined Instagram as product designer.

2. Chengsu Chen

Chengsu Chen is a graduate student from University of Washington in Seattle. She joined Facebook as a Product Designer. She is also a former intern at Google, DoorDash, a Seattle startup called Commerce, and Boeing.

3. Liana Kong

Liana graduates from Carnegie Mellon School of Design. She is current an interaction designer at Nest.

4. Wenni Zhou

Wenni also graduated from CMU. She is currently a User Experience Designer at Google. She also interned at Facebook.

5. Annie Tang

After graduating from MIT with a Bachelors of Science in Computational Architecture, Annie joined YouTube, becoming a Design Lead for the YouTube Social team during my time there. She is currently at Opendoor as a Senior Product Designer.

More Examples?

For more designer portfolio inspirations, check our website at bestfolios.com. Thanks for reading!

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