5 Product Designer Portfolios that Nailed Case Studies.

2 min readNov 11, 2017

In a UX designer’s portfolio, what’s the key to a impress employers or clients? Case studies. What makes a case study great? It not only has a great final execution but also answers the following questions very well:

  1. What’s the problem you want to solve?
  2. Who are the users?
  3. What’s your role in the project?
  4. What’s your design process
  5. What are the design options and how decisions are made?
  6. What are the constrains and limitations?
  7. How to validate your design?
  8. What will be your next step?

Here are the great examples from designers who work at Uber, Airbnb, Google, VMware.

1. Dan Birman

Dan is a product designer at Uber and a RISD undergrad.

2. Rachel Schmitz

Rachel Schmitz is a San Francisco-based Product Designer interested in education technology and social gaming. She previously worked at Google, Rumble Games, AVG Technologies and Presidio Knolls School.

3. Mengdi Zhang

Mengdi a UX Designer at VMware and HCI master graduate from University of Michigan.

4. Vax Liu

Vax Liu is an Experience Designer at Airbnb and former UX designer at ebay.

5. Simon Pan

Simon is currently a Senior Interaction Designer at Google. He is former designer at Medium, Uber and Amazon.

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